The battle in Durba - a battle between the forces of Teutonic Order under the Command Master of the Livonian Burharda background Hornhauzena and Marshal of Prussia Heinrich Botel and their allies with troops Samogitia and Curonians July 13, 1260. The battle ended with the victory of troops Samogitia. The defeat of the Order of the impetus for large-scale uprisings Prussians in the years 1261-1270.

   The purpose of the Order of Teutonic aggressive campaign was the capture Samogitia and spatial connection between two parts of the Order - the Teutonic and Livonian, and the establishment of a unified German state on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. Along with the Order of the troops took part in the Battle of the Danish and Swedish parts, led by Prince Charles, secular knights of the European countries, subdued the local inhabitants. Army allies was approximately 3000 people.

   Samogitia was around 4000, it led them stood Troynat, nephew of the Lithuanian prince Mindovg, but there is no documentary evidence. Jun 15, 1260 the Teutonic Order, fearing for their southern territory, has concluded a peace treaty with Prince Zemovitom Mazowiecki.